Pathé Thuis

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Pathé Thuis is the largest movie VOD service in the Netherlands with more than 1.5M active users.

An award winning movie experience

In December 2011 Pathé Theatres launched their highly successful VOD service Pathé Thuis within an impressive 6-month go-to-market time and generating high sales since day one.

Zero overhead, just quality. Our go-to boutique since the founding of our streaming service.
Thomas van der Weerd

+Drie has been responsible for the initial Product Management & Design of Pathé Thuis, and we have been their Strategic Design partner ever since. In 2012 we won the prestigious Dutch Interactive Award for the best e-commerce platform.

Most recently we have entirely reimagined Pathé Thuis' successful TV platforms and are currently in the process of re-designing the original desktop interface after 7 years of service.

Watch anywhere, anytime
Watch anywhere, anytime
Watch anywhere, anytime

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