It's electrifying

Etergo is a Dutch start-up aiming to reinvent personal smart mobility, starting with the scooter. Their first product AppScooter® is plannend for 2018

Look, no hands!

We always had had the ambition to work on a cockpit UI, so we were really excited when Etergo asked us to brainstorm about their challenges and design the cockpit UI for their brand new AppScooter®.

The primary objective was to create a fun, but more important, safe user experience that did not require the user to interact with their Smartphone with the goal of significantly reducing the number of traffic deaths due to smartphone usage.

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The result is a fun and engaging UI which allows you to quickly and safely control the navigation, your streamed music and answer an urgent phone call with both hands firmly at the wheel and your eyes on the road.

We can't wait to drive the final AppScooter®.

It's electrifying
It's electrifying
It's electrifying

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