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With over 600 premium brands and a five-star customer service, is the online luxury platform that stands for exclusive fashion collections.

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Being original can be hard. Being the first even harder. Luckily there now is an app for that! The New Arrivals App. asked +Drie to provide their loyal customer base with an app that solves that problem for them by monitoring fresh stock from all their favorite brands.

We only work with rockstars, and these guys really do rock.
Joost van der Veer

With that in mind, we focussed on the most crucial thing in the app. Fashion. The design had to be clear, simple and elegant and supportive of the users' primary need, exploring their favorite brands.

With rich, high-resolution imagery, intuïtive navigation, and engaging user experience, we accomplished to make the product the hero of the app while still maintaining's strong brand.

For the influencers
For the influencers
For the influencers

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