Pathé Thuis

Award winning VOD experience

In the ever-growing VOD market, Pathé-Thuis has long been market leader in transactional-video-on-demand (TVOD) and one of the driving and innovative forces.

How we created Pathé Thuis

Since the start of Pathé-Thuis, +Drie has been the strategic product management and design partner for all their digital products & services ranging from SmartTV and Consoles to Mobile apps. In 2012 we won the prestigious Dutch Interactive Award for the best e-commerce platform.

Recently we have completely renewed the highly successful responsive website with the aim of better personalization of the user experience and thus a higher purchase conversion as well as a decrease in required labor thanks to an innovative automation process.

Zero overhead, just quality. Our go-to boutique since the founding of our streaming service.
Thomas van der Weerd
Pathé Thuis

Content is King

Content selection is one of the main barriers that prevent users of video on demand platforms from successfully purchasing a movie or start a stream.

Research among users of similar platforms that we have developed has shown that users convert faster from a page that radiates the full look & feel of the film (or series).

Therefore, an essential goal for our mission and vision for the new Pathé Thuis was, to simplify the content selection flow and to bring the available content to life.

Keep it relevant

To shorten the content selection flow, we're now automatically showing users content related to what they have previously watched, and mix it up with the latest box office films and general public favorites.

If a user watches many comedies, the homepage will also contain content with the most recent relevant comedies. The more movies a user consumes, the more the platform adapts to the personal preference of the user

Look the part

We have devised a system in terms of content publication where just one single piece of artwork is needed to automatically render the movie detail page as well as create billboards and promo banners across all platforms (WEB / TV and Mobile).

Using an algorithm, we select a set of colors from the artwork with which we can automatically give all pages and expressions the complete look & feel of the relevant movie.

This saves an enormous amount of work for the editors and enables Pathé-Thuis to effortlessly create high-end pages and artwork for blockbuster movies as well as the more niche content and display them within the personalized profile of the interested user.

Award winning VOD experience
Award winning VOD experience
Award winning VOD experience

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