Moyee Coffee

Radically Transparent Coffee

Moyee is a playfully provocative coffee brand that has launched the world's first FairChain coffee by shifting the coffee value chain to the country of origin.

What is FairChain?

Instead of exporting green coffee beans - and thus the added value - Moyee Coffee burns them in the country of origin. This way, they increase the amount of money that remains in the producing countries by 300%. Moyee calls this FairChain.

With FairChain, Moyee tries to restore the coffee chain, because global coffee production is notoriously complex and involves countless intermediaries, each taking a piece of the pie along the way. The goal is to create a 50/50 balance between coffee producers and coffee drinkers. Quite a hardcore ambition, but they are already well on their way. In addition to the 20% FairChain premium for coffee farmers, they leave 300% more money in the coffee-producing country! And that while you don't pay a cent more for your cup of coffee, win-win!

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Would you like some Blockchain with that?

Because Moyee aims to be radically transparent, we have helped them add Blockchain-traceability to their FairChain flow. Giving all stakeholders – farmers, roasters, and consumers – access to data across the entirety of the supply chain.

Moyee uses this data to analyze the supply chain to identify inefficiencies. For consumers, it provides unprecedented levels of transparency around origin and quality. And allowing, for the first time, a coffee drinker in Europe to pull up this data and verify precisely the source of their coffee.

Together with Moyee Coffee we created a mobile web application that, by scanning a QR code, connects consumers directly to the farmer that grew their coffee. This app allows them to trace every fair step their coffee made before it ended up in their cup.

Radically Transparent Coffee
Radically Transparent Coffee
Radically Transparent Coffee

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